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Jennie Woolley

MS, LMFT, Clinical Supervisor

Utah approved Marriage and Family Therapist Supervisor




954 N 200 E

Spanish Fork, UT 84660

About Jennie

“We are designed to grow each other” (Sue Johnson). As a licensed marriage and family therapist, Jennie is passionate about helping clients thrive and succeed as an individual and in family relationships, as they gain knowledge and apply the skills needed to make course corrections to do so. Her clinical work settings include: working as a psych tech at Center for Change (residential treatment center for eating disorders), Provo Canyon School (residential treatment center for adolescent girls) and a private therapy practice. During her career (including taking the best sabbatical leave to raise her 5 children and enjoy her marriage of 26 years) it has been her privilege to empower clients (children, teenagers, young adults, couples, parents and individuals) to heal, grow and thrive regardless or because of circumstances or challenges (stress, self-esteem struggles, depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, marital discord, betrayal, divorce, trauma/PTSD).

She works hard at understanding and empathizing with her clients while applying extensive skills and expertise to challenge and promote healthy change and personal growth.  


One of the helpful things we have learned from the Covid pandemic is that effective therapy services can be provided online without having to meet in a physical office. Not only is this a lot more convenient for most people, it is also just as effective. Even people living near an actual office are taking advantage of meeting online. Jennie schedules the majority of her sessions through this platform, so keep that in mind if you are selecting her as your therapist. However, she wants you to feel comfortable and we can figure out how often to incorporate an in-office therapy session if you prefer. Therapy is a process that we’ll navigate collaboratively. Jennie believes that it is her role to help you identify your areas of strength and maximize them, while building up new patterns of thinking and engagement in your relationships to support healthy change.

B.S. Degree (Psychology; Minor: Family Science), Brigham Young University, 1996

M.S. Degree Marriage and Family Therapy, Northern Illinois University, 1999

Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1 Training

Dr. Skinner’s couples betrayal trauma Therapy Training

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